Lions Clubs Youth Camp Scania

Practical tips & advice

Passport (and Visa if needed)

  • Personal medicines
  • Insurance documents.
  • Light backpack or bag
  • Mobile phone, camera, battery and charger.
    We have 230 volt power supply in Sweden. And we use EU connector/plug.
  • A Power Point presentation for your country presentation on a USB-stick.
    The presentation should be maximum 10 minutes long and include photos
  • Sunhat or cap and sun lotion
  • Anything to keep mosquitos away
  • Swim-suits, swim glasses if required.
  • A set of warm clothes for bad weather and nights inclouding socks and a warm hat/beanie.
  • Appropriate comfortable clothes and shoes for outdoor activities.
  • You may bring some special food from your homeland.
    To share with the other camp participants, smoked, dried or preserved

Economy & pocket money

Costs for food, logistics and activities will be paid for by the Lions Club arranging the camp. 

There is no camp fee.

You should bring your own pocket money for personal expenses such as souvenirs, snacks, etc.

If you’re from Europe you will spend one week with a host family (before the camp starts). If you’re coming for overseas, you will have an additional week after the camp with a host family. During this/these week/s you will live with a Swedish family and learn about several aspects about the Swedish culture. Such as foods, environment, traditions, cultural activites and the day-to-day activities.

The host families will be spread out over the most South of Sweden and don’t hesitate to reach out to the other campers to meet up during the host family week to get to know each other a little. 

As a visitor to Sweden, you are entitled to health and medical care on the same financial terms applicable to Swedish residents. However, you will need to show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

If you are from outside EU/EEA, you are urged to have an health insurance. Otherwise you will have to fully pay for medical care yourself.

For more information about the EHIC card and how to apply for it, visit the website of the European Commission.

Introduction and rules:

The camp is not held for vacation. but for learning about Sweden and our way of life, our history and our society. To learn how Lions Clubs work and what Lions do. It will be early mornings and eventful days. Wherever you live, there is a Lions Club nearby where you can give return through a membership and work to help those who need it.

In the camp you must take care of each other, help each other in the different groups you will be divided into. The working groups follow the given instructions. The activities organized by the clubs should all participate in. If any physical or mental obstacle make it hard to participate, it shall be reported to the staff the day before. Camp days, it’s voluntary to participate in the practical offered games. No participant may leave the area or group without notification to the staff.

This is no love trip, it is not allowed to start a physical love affair or to openly act like love couples.
Drugs or alcohol is not allowed and we do not want to see smokers.

So briefly:
No drugs or alcohol.
Participation in activities.
Follow given instructions.
No love affair.
No open fire.
Never leave camp or group without notifying.

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