Lions Clubs Youth Camp Scania 


Participating Clubs are:

Lions Club Hässleholm

With voluntary work in activities through the year, we finance our charity and service. We support needing people in Hässleholm, in Sweden and Internationally.


Lions Club Ystad, which is the club that has the main responsibility during the whole Camp

Lions Club Ystad was founded in 1952 and have more than 40 members. They help out both regionally, nationally and internationally. As well as many other clubs in Sweden, their most important activities during the year are flea market and Christmas market. 
They put a lot of energy in their large second hand shop which is open three days a week.

Lions Club Simrishamn

Lions Club Simrishamn was founded for more than 50 years ago. A few things they have contributed with are collection of used Christmas trees and, like many other Lions Clubs, has worked first and foremost to solve vision problems through Sight First I and II.

Lions Club Åhus

Lions Club Åhus was founded in 1962 and has roughly 50 members as of today, making them one of the biggest clubs in Sweden. For many previous years they gave out a newspaper called Åhus Aktuellt. On a weekly basis they arrange a flea market.

Lions Club Höör

Lions Club Höör has been around for more than 60 years and they have over 50 members in their club making them a large club. A few of their contributions are picking up Christmas trees and Christmas market. Furthermore they have a choir.

Lions Club Sjöbo

Lions Club Sjöbo was founded in 1955 and is one of the oldest clubs in Sweden and has 31 members. They work on both, local, regional, national and international level. Some contributions they have made are Family Day in Sjöbo and annually giving out Youth Scholarship.

Lions Club Sölvesborg

Lions Club Sölvesborg was founded in 1960 and has during the years participated in various activities. They have a Second Hand store which generates a lot of activities. Also they take part in Camps for children in Lithuania, organizing dances for people with different disabilities and drive “trains” to the City Festival.

Lions Club Svedala

Lions Club Svedala was founded in 1960 and has of today 40 members. During the last couple of years they have created Torsdagsgruppen (Thursday group) to meet up to for example sorting out things for the upcoming flea market, which they arrange every month. Also, they organize Svedala Lucia in cooperation with Svedala Culture School every year and take part in making it better for everyone living in Svedala.

Lions Club Reng Höllviken

Lions Club Reng Höllviken was founded in 1967 and has today about 50 members. As well as regional and national works, they contribute internationally as well. Both their popular flea market and Christmas market are important events for them.

They also do a sing-along at the canal with 1500 guests. 

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