Lions Clubs Youth Camp Scania 


Participating Clubs are:

Lions Club Bromölla


Bromölla municipality has a multifaceted nature with everything from forests and lakes to open fields and coastal stretches. One of the most famous lakes in the area is Lake Ivösjön, which is Scania’s largest lake and a popular excursion destination for swimming and fishing

Lions Club Höör

Lions Club Höör has been around for more than 60 years and they have over 50 members in their club making them a large club. A few of their contributions are picking up Christmas trees and Christmas market. Furthermore they have a choir.

Höör is a center for music. The town has a baroque music festival, summer opera, music school, jazz club and “Kulturhuset Anders” with an art gallery, concert, cinema and theater hall . Here is one of Sweden’s largest music stores, two accordion dealers, a dance floor and a piano workshop. Skåne Zoo is 4 km north of Höör.

Lions Club Simrishamn

Lions Club Simrishamn was founded for more than 50 years ago. A few things they have contributed with are collection of used Christmas trees and, like many other Lions Clubs, has worked first and foremost to solve vision problems through Sight First I and II.

Simrishamn, which is sometimes called the capital of Österlen, is known for its cozy cobbled streets, pastel-colored houses but also for its old fishing traditions.

Lions Club Sjöbo

Lions Club Sjöbo was founded in 1955 and is one of the oldest clubs in Sweden and has 31 members. They work on both, local, regional, national and international level. Some contributions they have made are Family Day in Sjöbo and annually giving out Youth Scholarship.

The scenic and horse-dense municipality of Sjöbo is located in the middle of southern Skåne. 19,478 inhabitants live on an area of ​​500 km2. Many people are discovering the quality of life and the attractive living environment in Sjöbo municipality.

Lions Club Skurup

Lions Club Skurup was founded on June 9, 1960 and currently has 44 members. Lions Club Skurup uses part of the collected funds for national and international aid activities, but during the more than fifty years of operation, the majority has been invested in local efforts.
Skurup is a place well worth visiting to experience all that it has to offer. The municipality also has beautiful nature with many green areas, forests and lakes that are popular with outdoor enthusiasts.
Skurup also has a rich agricultural area known for its high quality food.

Lions Club Sölvesborg

Lions Club Sölvesborg was founded in 1960 and has during the years participated in various activities. They have a Second Hand store which generates a lot of activities. Also they take part in Camps for children in Lithuania, organizing dances for people with different disabilities and drive “trains” to the City Festival.

Sölvesborg Municipality is a municipality in Blekinge County , whose central location is Sölvesborg .

The western part of the municipality includes most of the forested primeval mountain ridge  Ryssberget . One of Sweden’s largest contiguous beech forests grows there . The eastern part includes  Hanö ,  the Bay of Hanö  and  Listerlandet  and its agricultural countryside.

Sölvesborg is perhaps best known for the Sweden Rock Festival, which is held at the beginning of June every year in the village of Norje.

Lions Club Åhus

Lions Club Åhus was founded in 1962 and has roughly 50+ members as of today, making them one of the biggest clubs in Sweden. For many previous years they gave out a newspaper called Åhus Aktuellt. On a weekly basis they arrange a flea market.

Today, Åhus is absolutely an attractive home for approximately 10,000 permanent residents and at least as many summer guests, where long sandy beaches, a prominent guest harbor and a medieval city center with many cultural monuments attract both Swedish and foreign tourists

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