Lions Clubs District 101S in Sweden  Exchange is arranging

the International Youth Camp Scania 2024

The Camp is held in the  southernmost part of Sweden, just south of Sjöbo and north of Ystad. It is a two weeks long camp in the open landscape and near the seaside of the Baltic Sea.


We wish to welcome Youth Exchange Students to

Lions Camp Scania 2024

In the summer of 2024 the Lions Clubs of District 101S will arrange a Summer Camp for Youth between 17 and 21 years of age. The Camp duration will be from 20nd of July through 3rd of August
From abroad you will arrive at Copenhagen airport. You will arrive a week before the camp starts, since you will stay with a Swedish family from July 13 until July 20.
We plan that, during the first week, you will be staying together with a Swedish family to get to know some of the Swedish way of living and our customs and traditions.
During Week 2 and 3 you will all meet and come together to live in Camp Scania.
Foto: Rene Egeriis
Lions district MD 101S welcomes youth from all over the world to our camp between July 20 and August 3  in Southern part of Sweden.
In this page, we will present the camp site and give information, what will happen during the camp days and youths own stories.

The location of Camp Scania will be in Sövde, just outside Sjöbo in Scania County

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